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The best thing about this moment, mere days from the election, is reflecting for a moment on the incredible energy and community that has built up since the last election.

From the Women’s March and the lawyers setting up shop in airports when the Muslim Ban went into effect, to all the calls and emails to our members of Congress, to this moment today, when thousands of volunteers all over the country are getting out the vote, this community is made up of us, the regular folks who want the country to be on a different track than the one it is on.

A group of us decided that while the TV coverage of the midterms is one thing, we really wanted to report on the election and the days leading up to it from the point of view of “we the people.” Big media looks at the statistics and the win/loss results for only the biggest races, but there are energized voters in every state and every district and their voices are the ones we want to amplify.

This is exclusively happening on Twitter. There are a handful of national anchors, including yours truly, plus over 150 people reporting on what’s happening in their district and state. You can find the conversation by doing a search for the hashtag #WaveCast. Leading up to Election Day, we’re reporting on Get Out the Vote efforts, information voters can use on Election Day, and late breaking news from our communities.

On Election Day, in addition to all the results you want to know about, you’ll get the stories that the biggest TV shows don’t have time to cover–the ones that deal with the individual people that helped make all of this happen.

Join us at #WaveCast, and let us know your election stories, too!

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