15 Reasons to Vote in the 2018 Midterms


There is a lot on the line in this election, but what matters is your unique, very personal reason WHY you will be voting. Your WHY is what drives to you to the polls when it’s raining or cold, it’s what keeps you waiting in line at your polling location, and it’s the reason why you feel so good when you get that “I Voted” sticker.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are 15 good reasons to vote on November 6:

✦ Vote because the trajectory of our country will be determined by this election.

✦ Vote because you want your voice heard.

✦ Vote because being a citizen in America comes with the responsibility of participating in our democracy.

✦ Vote to represent those who can’t vote, like your kids or grandkids, or the disenfranchised.

✦ Vote because you want politicians to start tackling climate change head-on, instead of ignoring it.

✦ Vote because you or someone you love needs access to affordable healthcare.

✦ Vote because you want more of your tax dollars invested in your community, infrastructure, and citizens instead of endless rewards for the biggest corporations.

✦ Vote because you believe immigrants are vital to our nation.

✦ Vote because if the Democrats take control of the House, they’ll do their job and provide meaningful oversight of Trump and his administration.

✦ Vote because you’d rather have Adam Schiff as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee instead of Devin Nunes.

✦ Vote because voting rights need to be strengthened in our country, and those reforms only ever happen under the Democrats.

✦ Vote because flipping just one house in Congress would stop the Republican legislative agenda. No more healthcare repeal bills or tax breaks for the 1%.

✦ Vote because Democratic majorities in the state legislatures will lead to more liberal legislation. Just look at what Washington did shortly after flipping blue with a special election earlier this cycle.

✦ Vote because all of the governors who are elected this cycle (36 of them!) will oversee the redistricting of their states in 2020. Fair, non-gerrymandered maps need Democrats!

✦ Vote because you want politicians to represent YOU, the citizen.

Why are you voting in the midterms?

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