Final Weekend Before Midterms: Make a Plan to Vote


The midterms are finally here. There are just a few days between today and possibly the most important election in our lifetimes.

In addition to any Get Out the Vote activities you will be participating in these final days (and do check in with The Last Weekend for prompts and ideas), it is crucial that you get ready to vote.

Your last midterms challenge: Make Your Plan to Vote

Here’s the thing. Lots of people intend to vote. But when the day comes, some don’t. There are lots of reasons why people never make it to the polls. One key step that helps overcome some of the problems, however, is when people take a moment to figure out exactly what their voting plan will be. The power of making that plan is immense. It can be the difference between voting and not voting.

And this year, one vote makes all the difference in the world. Your local legislator, whose race might turn your state legislature blue, doesn’t need many votes. Your vote could be the key to the win, and the Democrats finally having control in your state.

Goal Plan Wish

Now, a voting plan isn’t complicated. You just have to think through a few steps:

Step 1: Find your polling place. Check here.

Step 2: What time on Election Day are you going to go to the polling location? What will you be doing right before then?

Step 3: How will you get to the polling location?

Step 4: What ID do you need to bring with you? Check here.

That’s it. Ideally, you’ll write your plan down. Put it on a Post-It note in your wallet or add it to your phone. If you want a text message reminder, go to the AFL-CIO’s cool tool to sign up for an Election Day reminder. You can do that here.

Finally, since none of us ever know when we might run into issues when voting, keep this quick guide bookmarked on your phone for what to do if you do run into a problem.

Thank you for following along as we counted down these last 10 weekends leading up to the midterms. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can check out every challenge here. With your voting plan in place, use your remaining activism time to get your friends to make their plan and help get out the vote! Let’s go!

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