16 States Where You Can Register on Election Day

Most voter registration deadline have passed but if you’re in these 13 states, you are in luck! The states in deep purple allow same day voter registration so you can cast a ballot in the November 6 midterms.

Quick side note: As of the writing of this blog post (October 30) there are still 5 states (CT, UT, VT, MD, NC) whose voter registration deadlines have NOT passed. But they will soon! 

If you are in one of the states that offers same-day registration, I implore you to take a moment today to make sure you understand what you’ll need to register.

Step 1: Scroll down to your state on the NCSL website, and click on the link under your state name. It looks like this:

WI link

Step 2: Note what you need to register to vote, specifically what type of ID you need to bring and any other requirements your state has.

Step 3: Make your plan to vote on Election Day! Go early so you can give yourself a little extra time.

As always, I end with a request that you share this information on your networks so we can let as many potential voters know that in these states, even if they missed the deadline, they can still vote. We will need every last voter!

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