2 Weekends Left Until Midterms: Ride to the Polls Challenge

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What we do in these next 14 days to turn out the vote will mean the difference between an Election Night where we flip a house … or we fall a couple of seats short.

This week’s challenge: Rides to the polls

Some folks have trouble getting to the polls even in the best of times. Others, like the folks in Dodge City, Kansas, have had their one polling location moved one mile outside of town. We can help make sure everyone who wants to vote can get to the polls.

We can:
1) Offer rides who need them, and/or
2) Get this information to people who need rides.

How to offer rides to the polls

The best ways to connect with organized efforts to get voters rides to the polls is to go through your local Democratic party or through a candidate’s campaign office. You can connect with your local Democratic party through this link. Call them and let them know that you are available to give rides to the polls on Election Day.

If you’d prefer to go through a candidate’s office, I recommend going through one of the campaigns for a candidate running for a federal office (the U.S. Senate or House) or the governor’s seat. These campaigns will be bigger and more likely to be able to staff a ride to the polls volunteer effort.

How to find rides to the polls

In addition to calling your local Democratic party or candidate’s campaign office to find a ride to the polls, there are a few other options:

✦ Lyft is offering free or discounted rides to the polls in many areas. You can find information about their The Ride To Vote effort here.

✦ Uber is also offering rides to polling locations on November 6. More information about their efforts can be found here.

✦ RagTag has an effort called Drive the Vote to match volunteers with voters who need rides. Whether you need a ride, or want to volunteer with them, you can find out more here.

✦ Your city may offer some rides to the polls, like Detroit is. Google your city and “ride to the polls.”

✦ If you’re on Twitter, do a search for “ride to the polls” to see what comes up. I’d ignore the random people who offer rides if you DM them, (thanks but no thanks), but you could turn up solid opportunities like this one that the Joe Donnelly campaign in Indiana is conducting, for early voting!

Again, whether you simply share this information with others, or sign up to give folks rides on Election Day, let’s make sure everyone who wants to vote can get to their polling location!

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