3 Weekends Left Until Midterms: Volunteer from Home Challenge

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If more of our voters turn out in every state, every county, every district, we can change the direction of our country. These weekly challenges are designed to give you tools to help make that goal a reality.

Remember, if we kick out Republicans in Congress, in state legislatures, in governors’ mansions, we will have the power to provide checks and balances on Trump’s administration, and pass important legislation all over the country. This is why we fight.

This week’s challenge: Volunteer from home

I recognize that not all of you are comfortable with canvassing. (If you are, definitely canvass. Your candidate and their campaign staff need you!) But, there are ways you can do voter outreach without leaving your home.

Text banking and phone banking are methods to reach voters directly and this is literally the PERFECT TIME to talk to voters. 37 states have started or are about to start early voting, states with all mail-in ballots have their ballots arriving this week, and other states are getting their sample ballots to peruse right now.

At this point in the campaign cycle, all you’ll be doing is reminding voters to vote. The campaign has, through their previous efforts, identified exactly which voters are supportive of their candidate and will only give you a list of those supporters.

The organization you work through (some suggestions follow) will give you clear instructions and make it really easy to do. In the case of text banking, most campaigns that I’ve seen work through a service that will mask your phone number in a way that it looks to the voter like a local volunteer is texting them.

You can check with your favorite campaigns or organizations (like Indivisible, Swing Left, Sister District, etc.) to see what text/phone campaigns are available, but you can also check Flippable, which has a ton of these types of “events” for every part of the country. Look through the Flippable Events page, and choose one of the upcoming events. You can filter the options by choosing “Remote Events” which will then only pull up phone and text banks.

You can make a difference without leaving the comfort of your home. Every text or call that connects with a voter inches us closer to an Election Night that we can all be proud of!

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