Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Their Vote Suppressed

What do you do when a candidate is in a position to suppress the very votes against him?

Before 2018, we would not believe this was happening in America. A banana republic somewhere, sure, but not here.

Well, it’s happening here. Brian Kemp (R) is currently Georgia’s Secretary of State and has a long history of voter suppression. Now he’s running for governor–against Stacey Abrams, a truly magnetic candidate–and appears to be working overtime to suppress votes.

Here is the report that just came out: Georgia’s Secretary of State is Blocking 53,000 Voter Registrations as He Runs for Governor

Read it. It is horrifying that he’s actually in a position to do this. Kemp has never protected voting rights and now he’s pulling out the stops to suppress a wave of new registrations. Any guess as to whose registrations he might be suppressing?

In any case, this is when we get to the call to action. If you have any friends or family or colleagues or acquaintances or Facebook friends or know anyone in Georgia, forward them the article and ask them to check on their voter registration immediately. If they check right away, they’ll have time to fix any problem before Election Day.

Stacey Abrams has a real shot to turn Georgia’s governorship blue which is why Kemp is suppressing these votes. We need to work together to ensure he isn’t successful.

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  1. I’m in Georgia, and I keep checking the various websites that confirm I am still registered. (I vote in every election. There is no reason I should be removed from the voter rolls.) The GA Secretary of State website shows that I’m not registered, so I went down to the registrar’s office and asked. They confirmed that I am registered, but just to verify, I recorded the entire conversation. The other websites that I check all show me as registered. If I go to vote and they can’t find me on the list, I’m going to raise you know what!

    • Good for you. This makes me very nervous. I’m glad folks are suing over this but our courts don’t move fast enough to ensure all will be well by Election Day.

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