This is the only way a Blue Wave happens


Every day the news and polls tell us different stories about what might happen at the midterm election on November 6. Today, let’s take one moment to look backwards to see what history tells us.

The story is grim. In both of the last two midterm elections, 2010 and 2014, the number of Democrats who voted plunged way down from the turnout from the presidential election.

This is the chart for 2010, but the 2014 chart looks the same:


I’m showing you this to make the point that the Democrats have a really bad habit of not showing up to the midterm elections. We know Democratic enthusiasm is really high in 2018, but we have to make sure that enthusiasm turns into votes.

Get involved. Invite a friend to help you as you work to increase turnout. Whether you sign up to help a campaign, or take our Challenges of the Week, or phone bank, or canvass, please do something more than you did back in 2014.

The only way we’ll win the House, state legislatures, governorships, and the like is if we all do more to turn out the vote than we did in 2014.

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