It’s becoming clear who is fueling Midterms donations.


Several reports came out this weekend that show how starkly different the Republicans and Democrats are faring with campaign fundraising.

There have been many reports already this year about how many Democratic candidates are seeing huge numbers of small donors donate to their campaigns. Via ActBlue (the Democratic fundraising platform), we learn that this was a huge weekend.

This past Friday, the day after the Kavanaugh hearings, ActBlue reported a record fundraising day (and this number was at only 5:30PM!)

Then, on Sunday night (thanks no doubt to ongoing anger re: the Kavanaugh hearings and also the deadline to have donations included in 3rd Quarter reports) they reported this:

On top of this very hopeful news from ActBlue that tens of millions were being donated by small donors to Democratic candidates across the country, the Washington Post dropped this story: The GOP is Buying the House. Literally.

The article combs through the GOP House candidates (both incumbents and otherwise) and finds a similar trend: They aren’t getting many small donors. Like, at all. Instead, almost ALL of their money is coming from wealthy donors and big corporations.

As one example, multiple GOP Representatives are getting less than 1% of their donations from small donors: Curbelo (FL), Yoder (KS), Wagner (MO), MacArthur (NJ), Buchanan (FL), Diaz-Balart (FL), and Hollingsworth (IN).

Averaged out over all of the candidates, the Republicans had about 10% of their donations coming from small donors, while the Democrats were averaging over twice that amount, at 21%.

More small donors generally means that candidate enjoys much broader support from voters across a district. Now don’t get me wrong, the big money the GOP is getting will influence donors to vote for them, but I do wonder how strong their voter support is.

And because we don’t know what will happen, what do we do between now and November 6? Work our tails off to get our candidates elected! Never give up, don’t take your foot off the gas, give it all you got!

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