Take 3 minutes today to help your candidate look good. It has to be today.


How do you feel when fundraising numbers come out and your candidate outraises their GOP opponent?

I feel pretty good.

It tells me that my candidate has a lot of support from a lot of voters, and by extension, the opponent has less. Small donors to candidates matter.

So, here’s a 3 minute action and it’s really important to do this today.

Tonight at midnight is the deadline for 3rd quarter reporting. All donations made to candidates (and by extension, parties and PACs) during July, August, and September are tallied up and reported on. Which means during October–right as we head into midterm elections–a ton of headlines are going to come out about how candidates fared.

Read this to see a sampling of the articles that were written for the 2nd quarter totals. I’d love to have these types of headlines going into midterms.

So, right now, take 3 minutes and make a donation to your favorite candidates. Here’s two ways to do that:

✦ Google your candidate’s name, go to their campaign website, and click the Donate button.

✦ Go to ActBlue’s directory, click on your state, and find your candidates. (ActBlue powers most of the candidate’s donation vehicles, and better yet, 100% of your donation goes to the candidate. They don’t take a cut.)

In addition to helping your candidate look good, they’ll have the money they need to bring their campaign to a win in November. Money helps get their message out to voters!!

Bonus Action: Remind your friends on social media that tonight is the deadline!

P.S. If you see this blog post after Sunday, September 30, you can (and should) still donate to your candidates. They need and will use any and all donations right up to Election Day.

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