The Rage We Feel


Listening to, and later reading about, yesterday’s SCOTUS testimony was hard. Really hard.

I remain in awe of what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did. The only thing she stood to gain was to protect the highest court in her country. She gained nothing personally. And clearly, she’s lost a lot by coming forward. My understanding of what bravery really is has been altered.

But the morning gave away to the rest of the day and moment by moment, my hope that she would be heard, and by extension millions of women who have been affected by sexual assault would be heard by proxy, was ground to a pulp by a string of angry white men who rather clearly are irritated that their hegemony would even be questioned.

These are men are blind. We, on the other hand, are not.

The sadness I feel that we are in this situation today, and concern about the size of the challenge before us, is DWARFED by the rage I feel. I will not let this cynical, destructive farce continue and I am filled with determination to replace these blind, useless men with incredible women and men who are true allies in every single elected seat in the country.

Tomorrow: I am calling my two Senators again. Whether or not they sit on the Judiciary, all of our Senators are likely going to be voting on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in the next few days. The vote out of committee may be today (Friday), there are one or two procedural votes over the weekend, and then the final full Senate vote on Monday or Tuesday.

If you need a script to guide you, the Loyal Opposition has one here.

Next Up: I am redoubling my efforts to get Democrats elected all over the country. In particular, I will be talking one on one with women and inviting them to join me as we expend effort, time, dollars, and more to fire the politicians who are currently poisoning our country and values.

I invite you to join me in these efforts.

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  1. I’m concerned that the stakes are so high because of Supreme Court Docket #17-646 Gamble vs. U.S. it would eliminate “double jeopardy” and allow Trump to pardon …say Kavanaugh and he couldn’t be tried at the state level….Does anyone have some ideas on this?

    • Yes, that case is about to be heard, next week I believe. I haven’t been able to figure out (yet) if Kavanaugh would be able to rule on the case if he gets confirmed halfway through the process. Keep in mind that Congress can essentially overrule SCOTUS rulings by passing new federal laws.

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