How will the Kavanaugh nomination affect midterms?


Do you believe that the midterm elections are in the bag?

Hopefully not. Between what happened in 2016 and the daily news chaos we have to endure under the Trump administration, I think we all know that anything can change on the political landscape, and at any time.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how the Kavanaugh nomination to SCOTUS is already affecting how voters feel about the midterms. Here’s some of the “thinking” I’ve seen:

✦ Having the GOP try to discredit the two women who have come out with credible stories of sexual assault by Kavanaugh is energizing women who will go to the polls.

✦ The GOP is only interested in appeasing their base, which is why they are “fighting” the news about sexual assault and scheduling the vote. They’re betting on an energized, grateful base turning out to vote for them.

✦ If Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the court, the GOP base might lose interest in the midterms, because now the court is in conservative hands.

✦ If Kavanaugh gets confirmed, the Democratic base might be deflated and be less enthusiastic about going to vote.

My point in sharing these different prognostications is that even the people whose job it is to figure this stuff out for their respective parties don’t know how this nomination is going to ultimately affect turnout at midterms. And there’s still a lot that hasn’t happened yet.

The reason why we never let up with our campaigning for our candidates is that no election is ever in the bag. Anything can happen at any time to completely upset the apple cart. What we CAN control is the work we put into reaching out to voters, giving them every reason to vote for our candidates, and leaving no stone unturned. Those efforts are never wasted.

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