6 Weekends Left Until Midterms: One New Voter Challenge

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Between being in the middle of Week of Action and today being National Voter Registration Day, the challenge this week is obvious: Register one new voter.

It could be someone who’s never voted before, or someone who moved recently who needs to update their registration, or a relative that just turned 18 and can vote for the first time.

Let people know — however you can — that you are willing and able to help them get registered to vote.

Once you’re talking to someone, you can walk them through the prompts at the National Voter Registration Day website.

If someone thinks they’re registered, and they just want to double-check, send them this link to I Will Vote.

Alternatively, you can check to see if one of the Voter Registration Day events is being held near you and either attend to help or let people know about the event. The full listings can be found by searching your zip code here.

Let’s do this! Register a voter today!




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