Kavanaugh’s nomination is not just a Senate fight

The US Capitol Building

Don’t you believe for one second that the Kavanaugh nomination fight can only be fought on Capitol Hill.

If you feel strongly about the workings of our government, you must let your elected representatives know. They are aware that the media is covering an issue, and that it’s trending on social media, but they won’t be moved to action unless they know how their constituents and voters feel about it.

Last night, the New Yorker published an article about a second accusation of sexual assault by Kavanaugh. You can read it here: Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years

The idea that the Republican senators wanted to charge forward with Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court despite the newest allegation makes me livid. But while I can express that here, or to my friends, or on social media, it doesn’t help inform my Senators. If they don’t hear from me, and from everyone else who feels like I do, they are only informed by their own worldview. What if their worldview is the idiotic “boys will be boys” narrative? Well, if their office is flooded with phone calls from angry voters who are informing them that that is wrongheaded and furthermore, they’re organizing and getting fellow voters ready to vote in November, well, that does get their attention.

So call, today, and inform your Senator of your views.

If you don’t already have your Senators listed on your phone, you can call the main Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask them to direct your call to your Senator.

Remember these tips:
✦ Start the call by telling them you are a constituent
✦ Briefly tell them what you are calling about
✦ Tell them what action you want the Senator to take

Once you’ve made the two calls, I recommend sharing how you feel on social media and elsewhere and encouraging everyone you can to register to vote, double-checking their registration if they are already registered, and inviting them to vote in the midterms.

It could not be more clear. The Republicans must be voted out in November.

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