Moved recently? Voter registration doesn’t travel with you.



Have you ever forgotten something when you move? It’s easy to do. What’s even easier is forgetting to update your voter registration when you do move.

Roughly 35.5 million Americans move every year. That’s a lot of voter registrations that need updating. And it is a very rare moving checklist that includes “Update Your Voter Registration” as a to-do item.


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As we head into the 2nd day of Week of Action, let’s focus on getting out the message to those millions of Americans who have moved.

Ask yourself: Have any of your friends or colleagues moved this year? If they have, do them a favor and ask them if they updated their voter registration.

You can also post a reminder on your social media accounts. Something simple like this:

You can check on your voter registration via this handy interactive feature at NonProfit Vote. You can click on your state, and it’ll take you to the information you need.

No one should be surprised about their voter registration status when they go to vote on Election Day. Let’s get the word out to folks right away.

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  1. Plus, there are some states (such as NY) where you can’t register to vote on Election Day. People should keep this in mind as well.

  2. Counties and Cities in every date can have different CLOSE dates. ALL cities/counties CLOSE Registration to have time to complete online updates and checks before Election Day. Don’t miss your chance to update/verify your voting status! After the close date you CANNOT register or change your voter info.

    For example. in Virginia, Fairfax County’s close date is October 16, wheras Prince William County’s close date is October 15. You can register to vote, change your address moving anywhere in your state, or even in your same town ONLINE in most places. Go online or to your local Election Office to do this AND to verify your correct polling place. (They do change!)

    Thanks for voting! Leslie, Election Officer for Prince William County


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