Early voting for the midterms has arrived!

early voting

How badly have you wanted to get back into the voting booth? Every day since November 2016 perhaps? Well, the time has finally arrived!

Each state has its own rules regarding when early voting starts, and the lucky citizens of these states are the first up and start this week:

✦ Minnesota
✦ South Dakota
✦ Vermont
✦ Wyoming

And each week after that, more and more states get the green light.

Early voting looks different for each state, so if you want to take advantage of it, you’ll need to know what your state offers. There’s a terrific early voting chart from Vote.org that specifies what the early voting dates are for each state and a link to that state’s election website for more specific information.

Some states allow early voting in person at specific locations, some require the voter to have an excuse (i.e. why they can’t vote on the regular general election day), some allow you to fill out an absentee ballot, and some states mail ballots to all of their citizens. Again, go click on your state’s election link on the chart above to get specific information.

And please, consider sharing this post on your social media accounts. Let’s get the word out that it’s time to vote!

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