7 Weekends Left Until Midterms: Compelling Communications Challenge

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If we turn out more of our voters in every state, every county, every district, we can change the direction of our country. These weekly challenges are designed to give you tools to help make that goal a reality.

Remember, if we kick out Republicans in Congress, in state legislatures, in governors’ mansions, we will have the power to provide checks and balances on Trump’s administration, and pass important legislation all over the country. This is why we fight.

If you’ve been following my weekly challenge series, you’ve already picked the top candidates you’re concentrating on, are getting pretty knowledgable about their positions, and you’re involved with efforts to get more voters registered in your community.

This week, it’s time to become as effective as possible when you are communicating with other potential voters so they become committed voters for the candidates you care most about. It’s time to get some training.

Whether you’re talking to voters through neighborhood canvassing (the #1 most effective way to change hearts and minds), or by phone banking, or through social media, you want to connect with the person you’re communicating with. That connection allows you to be heard by them.

Where can you get training? You can ask the folks in your candidate’s campaign office if they offer any trainings and do the same with your county’s Democratic party. (Find your local party organization here.) But in this day and age, you can get some high quality training online:

✦ Start with Organizing For America’s video “Personal Story” to develop your unique story that you will use when communicating with voters. (It’s the second video on this page.) The persuasion and GOTV videos are also excellent.

✦ The DCCC also offers monthly online training. I recommend The Power of Storytelling and…

✦ … their Digital Storytelling video.

Honing your communication skills will make you more effective at enticing people to take the action you want them to take. This is true whether you’re doing it in person or with your writing. As you’ll see when you watch these videos, it is a combination of learning the tools that we know will work and combining those tools with your own personal values.

Taking the time to learn these skills and think through your own motivation will pay off every single week going forward. You may also find these skills help you in other areas of your life as well.

I hope you take up the challenge this week. Enjoy your training, and we’ll see you for next week’s challenge!

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