How to make Trump the anchor that sinks Republicans at midterms


Trump may not be on the ballot in 2018 but he can still drag down his party’s chances at the midterm elections.

The Navigator has tested several messages and learned that while several work to enthuse Democrats, many have the side effect of not being effective with Independents. If we’re going to have a blue wave, we need to make sure all of the Democrats vote and get the left-leaning Independents to turn out to vote as well.

Their research shows that when you’re looking at any given election race, framing the candidates as “supporting Trump” or “opposing Trump” was far less effective than framing the candidates as “a check and balance on Trump” vs. “someone who’ll pass Trump’s agenda.”

The phrasing that resonates really well with the largest number of voters is that Republican candidates are “Yes Men” who won’t act as a “check and balance” on Trump. 

This is not to say that when you are helping to get your favorite candidates elected, you aren’t talking about their issues and agenda–you absolutely should be talking about that–but, when you get to talking about their Republican opponent, framing them as spineless, and Yes Men afraid of Trump, works remarkably well.

Another resource you can check as you build up your arsenal of evidence as to how the Republican candidate in your House or Senate district is a “Yes Man,” is FiveThirtyEight’s chart of how often every member of Congress votes the way Trump wants them to. Here’s a screenshot of the top part of the chart:


Time and time again, the Republicans in Congress have fallen in line with whatever Trump wants and have provided almost no oversight into the workings of his administration. The citizens of America clearly don’t want that. So it’s time to point that out in every district and every state.

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