Primary Elections: September 2018


The last set of primary elections before the midterms are here. Flipping Congress, governor’s mansions, and state legislatures are the only ways we can hold this administration accountable and slow down their efforts. Raising awareness of the primary elections happening this month is crucial to our efforts in November.

There are 5 primaries scheduled in September 2018. Use this information for yourself, or share with your network to spread the word and increase awareness and turnout!

Click on the highlighted text to learn specifics about that election. 

September 4 (Tuesday)

Massachusetts 💥 Primary Election

September 6 (Thursday) 

Delaware 💥 Primary Election

September 11 (Tuesday)

New Hampshire 💥 Primary Election

September 12 (Wednesday)

Rhode Island 💥 Primary Election

September 13 (Thursday)

New York (state races) 💥 Primary Election

If you are interested in helping any of these campaigns, consider reading:
15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election
How To Get Out The Vote
How to Canvass for a Candidate

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