A Quick DIY Project to Get Out the Vote


Do you ever wish that you could buy all the billboard space in your town to notify everyone of an upcoming election? Every election cycle there are way too many people who say they didn’t know it was Election Day. Argh!

Well, one really great idea I’ve now heard about from a dozen different places is quick, relatively cheap, and you can be as creative or straightforward as you’d like.

The big idea? Little business cards.

Yes, you can design business cards with messages to vote, what day the election is on, where you can check your voter registration, etc. Maybe you want a card with the name and number of your local county election board where people can register to vote or request an absentee ballot. Maybe you want to print the deadlines for registering to vote or when they can vote early in your state. Or a short message why their vote is so important.

The idea is that you can carry them easily in your wallet or purse, and then leave them everywhere you go in town! Pass them out and go print some more.

The most recent reminder of this tactic is via Rogan’s List, where they included a link where you can see one activist’s business cards to remind folks in Pennsylvania about the general election this November. You can find those images here.

We can all help get the word out about the election and this is yet another way!

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