10 Weekends Left Until Midterms: Narrow Your Focus Challenge

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How will you feel on November 6 when you’re watching the election coverage and the media announces that the Democrats have won the House of Representatives back?

How will you feel if we fall a couple of seats short?

With only 10 weekends left between today and Election Day, now is the time to get in the game, double your efforts, and leave it all on the floor. Not only should we be personally involved, but we should also do what we can to invite others to join us and help out.

The challenge this week: Narrow your focus.

We can each only do so much to get a particular candidate elected. I strongly recommend that you narrow your focus to put all your efforts into one, or just a few candidates. Some thoughts on how you might narrow your focus:

✦ Flipping the House is critical to our ability to have Congress act as a check on Trump. Every one of us has a House Rep who is up for re-election. If a Democrat holds the seat, make sure the Democrat gets re-elected. If a Republican holds the seat, help elect their Democratic opponent. You can quickly lookup your congressional district here at GovTrack.

✦ If your Senator is up for re-election, consider helping the Democratic candidate in that race. The Senate is an uphill climb for us this cycle, but flipping the Senate means we can stop ALL judicial nominations. No Supreme Court nominees get through without our ok. Here are the Senators up for re-election this year.

✦ 36 states have governor’s races this year. Governors have proven to be important checks on Trump’s administration, and we’ll need more Democratic governors going into the second half of Trump’s term. Here are the governors’s seats up for election.

✦ Every state legislature have seats up for re-election in both their upper house (usually called the Senate) and their lower house (usually called the House). Several states have the opportunity to flip to Democratic control. You can find out who’s running by doing a search right here at Political Charge — do a search for your state and the word “primary.” The primer I’ve put together for each state includes detailed info about your state legislature.

✦ You may be aware of other important races in your state — whether for Attorney General or Secretary of State, etc. — and those are good options as well.

✦ Finally, there may be a super-competitive race outside your state that you want to invest effort in. Cook Political Report has handy charts for the House, Senate, and Governors races that include a Toss Up column. Those races could use all the support they can get.

Again, with only 10 weekends to go, we all need to get clear on which candidates we want to focus on. Pick your top 1 – 3 candidates this week. Write them down and post them on your computer. Commit to getting these candidates elected in November. Next Monday, we’ll dive in deeper.

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