Massachusetts 9/4 Primary: At a Glance


One of the bluer states in the country, Massachusetts nonetheless has a Republican governor, who is up for re-election. Here’s the 411 on Massachusetts’ primary.

Massachusetts has its statewide primary election on Tuesday, September 4. If you’re a voter in Massachusetts, all the resources you need to vote are listed here; if you’re not in the state, consider sharing this post with friends or on social media to increase awareness and turnout!

Massachusetts Voter Resources
Confirm your voter registration:
Info for overseas/military voters here
Find your polling place here
Check ID requirements here
Early voting info here 
Absentee voting info here

Massachusetts Politics: A Snapshot
• 1 Senator is up for re-election in 2018
• All 9 House Representatives are up for re-election
• Voted +27 for Clinton in 2016
• Current partisan breakdown of the state legislature:
>>> Governor (R)
>>> State Senate 31 (D) – 7 (R)  plus two vacant seats
>>> State House 117 (D) – 34 (R) – 2 (I)  plus seven vacant seats

Key Races

The sitting governor, Charles Baker (R), is seeking re-election. He is currently very popular in the state, and the Cook Political Report considers this a Safe Republican seat. The Democratic candidates are:

Jay Gonzalez – website
Robert (Bob) Massie – website

All nine of the House seats are held by Democrats. Cook Political Report has not classified any of these races as highly competitive. You can see a list of the districts and who is running in them here.

The current incumbent is Elizabeth Warren (D). She is running for re-election and is running in the Democratic primary unopposed. In order to flip the Senate, the Democrats must retain her seat. Her campaign website is here.

All 40 seats in the Senate are up for re-election this year. Democrats currently have a  supermajority in the state Senate. A list of the districts with re-elections and the candidates running for those seats can be found here.

All 160 seats in the House are up for re-election this year. The Democrats currently have a supermajority in the state House. A list of the candidates running for the House can be found here.

NOTE: If you’re unsure which state district you’re in, type in your address at Open States to get that info.

A Final Note
For a more complete list of state races in the primary, visit Ballotpedia: Massachusetts Elections 2018You can enter your address at 411Vote to see a sample ballot. To learn about events featuring candidates running for office, connect with your local chapter of the Massachusetts Democrats.

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