Who’s side is Trump on? What can we do?


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If the America you woke up in today feels different than the one you woke up to yesterday, you’re not alone.

Among other things, the President of the U.S.A. publicly affirmed that he believes the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the conclusions of his own American intelligence agencies.

Yes, he sided with them over us. The country he swore an oath to protect in every possible way. Here’s a sampling of articles to catch you up on the details and the ensuing reactions, plus what we can do about this.

The Headlines

Politico: Trump publicly sides with Putin on election interference

Washington Post: The moment called for Trump to stand up for America. He chose to bow.

CNBC: Trump pushed his personal agenda, not the national interest, at Putin summit

McClatchy: Diplomats say it’s settled. They can’t rely on Trump. 

Business Insider: Republicans few and far between come to Trump’s defense after his remarks with Putin get shredded as “disgraceful”

…plus two conservative writers’ articles…

The American Conservative: The Helsinki Debacle and U.S.-Russia Relations

Daily Beast: Trump and Putin: Two Bullsh*t Artists Enter Helsinki, One Comes Out Victorious

What Should We Do About This?

✦ First and foremost, we must communicate with our representatives in Congress and tell them 1) how we feel about this and 2) ask them to publicly rebuke the President’s actions if they haven’t done so already. If they have, thank them.

If you have a Republican Senator or Representative, ask them to do one or all of these suggestions from Dan Pfeiffer:

You can find the contact information for your Senators and Representative at Contacting Congress. In case their D.C. numbers are busy, call their local offices.

If you’d like a script, the Loyal Opposition has a good one here.

✦ Then, sign up for a vigil happening near you on Wednesday. The focus of the vigils is to Demand Democracy and Confront Corruption. This is a time that it feels good to know there is a large community of folks that feel the way you do.

Next? Readers, I’ll be honest. Right now I have no idea what else you and I can do next. All I do know is that if we get quiet, and stop being public and loud about what Trump did today, things won’t change. Some Republicans have made tepid statements, but many have stayed silent. We cannot allow that silence. We need more people like the county GOP Chair in Ohio resigning his post as he could not support Trump after today.

Stay loud. Keep the pressure on.

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