Some good news for Democrats about voter registration


To win the November elections, we know we need to have more people voting for Democrats than Republicans. And to make that happen, we need to have more people registered to vote who are likely to vote Democratic. It’s simple math.

So a touch under 4 months to go to the November midterms, how is voter registration looking? The folks at Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball have the numbers for us.

31 – the number of states (plus D.C.) that register voters by party
…Of those 31…
13 – have a Democratic plurality in registered voters
10 – have an Independent plurality
9 – have a Republican plurality

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.42.49 PM

Map courtesy of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, July 2018

I would say that that is good news.

Another interesting note is the continued trend of more and more Americans registering as Independents. Back in 2000, 22% of registered voters (in states that register citizens by party) were Independent. Today, that number is up to 28%. Compare that with 29% registered as Republicans today and 40% as Democrats.

I encourage you to continue to register voters. We still have time between now and the midterms to register more voters. If every single citizen who is following politics closely these days reached out to find someone who isn’t registered to vote, and help them get registered, we’d be in great shape in November.

Here are 15 Ways You Can Help Get More People Registered to Vote.

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