Winning the November midterms: Your How-To Guide


Nothing is more important than turning out every voter who will vote for Democrats in November. Here is a collection of Political Charge’s posts full of information and ideas for how each one of us can take action towards that goal. I hope you will not only be inspired to take action, but will share these ideas with others to inspire them as well.

First and foremost, we need to remember that the Democrats have historically not been great at voting in the midterms: The Midterm Turnout Problem Democrats Need to Fix

And because we haven’t been turning out, we’ve created a huge imbalance not just in Congress but at the state level: Why You Need to Pay Attention to State Elections

So let’s take action. If a citizen isn’t registered, they can’t vote: 15 Ways You Can Help Get More People Registered to Vote

Beyond helping individuals, you can also help make voter registration much easier for everyone like this: Can We Make Voter Registration Easier? Yes! Here’s How.

Once people are registered, they still have to be careful to follow all the Voter ID laws that have been passed. Make sure you know what people in your state need to vote so you can educate others: Quick, What Voter ID Does Your State Require?

Helping the candidates running in your district, at both the federal and state level, is crucial. They really need all the volunteers they can get. Whatever your comfort level is,  there is something you can do to help them: 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election

Talking to voters, one-on-one, is by far the most effective way to get the word out about our candidates and to help increase turnout. Here’s what canvassing is all about and why you should give it a try: What is the #1 Most Effective Way to Get Out the Vote?

After those in-person conversations, the next most effective way to affect the behavior of voters is to talk to them on the phone. If you’ve never done phone banking before, here’s what it is like: How to Phone Bank

Once the election day is only a couple of weeks away, it is time to rev up those engines as high as they will go, and GOTV: How to Get Out the Vote

On Election Day, election integrity is key. Let’s make sure every polling location has a Democrat working as a poll watcher. Learn what that entails here: Why 2018 is the Year You Should be a Poll Watcher

Thank you for taking action and sharing this with others. It will take all of us, working together, to get the change we seek! If you aren’t a subscriber to Political Charge yet, sign up today so you don’t miss out on any future posts about how you can help flip Congress, governors’ seats, and the state legislatures.

Let’s go win November!

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