South Carolina 6/12 Primary: At a Glance


South Carolina has its statewide primary election on Tuesday, June 12. Here you’ll find resources for voters, a quick overview of politics in the state, plus a few key races with the names and websites for Democratic candidates. Use this information to make your own voting plan and/or share with friends in the state!

South Carolina Voter Resources
Registration deadline:  May 11
Confirm your voter registration:
Info for overseas/military voters here
Find your polling place here
Check ID requirements here
Early voting: May 14 – June 11
Vote by mail: June 8 – 11

South Carolina Politics: A Snapshot
• No Senators are up for re-election in 2018
• All 7 House Representatives are up for re-election
• Voted +14 for Trump in 2016
• Current partisan breakdown of the state legislature:
>>> Governor (R)
>>> State Senate 28 (R) – 18 (D)
>>> State House 80 (R) – 44 (D)

Key Races

The sitting governor, Henry McMaster (R), took office after Nikki Haley left to serve as the UN Ambassador. McMaster is seeking re-election. The Democratic candidates are:

Phil Noble – website
James Smith – website
Marguerite Willis – website

Cook Political Report has District 1 rated competitive, and is an opportunity for the Democrats to flip. The Democratic candidates:

District 1 candidates
Joe Cunningham – website
Toby Smith – website 

All 124 seats in the House are up for re-election this year. If the Republicans gain 3 more seats, they’ll have enough votes to override a governor’s veto. A list of the candidates running for the House can be found here.

NOTE: If you’re unsure which state district you’re in, type in your address at Open States to get that info.

A Final Note
For a more complete list of state races in the primary, visit Ballotpedia: South Carolina Elections 2018You can enter your address at 411Vote to see a sample ballot. To learn about events featuring candidates running for office, connect with your local chapter of the South Carolina Democrats.

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