Midterms 2018: States with Primaries in May

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Voters in 11 states have their opportunity to shape the midterms at their primary in May. Click a state name below to see a short at-a-glance look at the key facts and competitive/important races for the primary.

May 8 (Tu)
Indiana 5/8
North Carolina 5/8
Ohio 5/8
West Virginia 5/8

May 15 (Tu)
Nebraska 5/15
Oregon 5/15
Pennsylvania 5/15

May 22 (Tu)
Georgia 5/22
Kentucky 5/22

You can then go to Vote411 to download a mock ballot so you can review ahead of time what all will be on it. Give yourself the time to think through your choices and check out interesting candidates.

If you want a #BlueWave and see a lot of Democrats take the seats from Republicans, then we must get out the vote and turnout our voters. Reminder: This won’t just happen. We have to work for it. Democrats have a bad habit of NOT turning out for midterms. Proof:


If every Democrat who had voted in the presidential election in 2008 had also voted in 2010, we would have won those midterms handily. Graph via The Nation.

Please, please vote in the primaries. There are so many reasons why your vote is so critical. Let’s do this!

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