Oregon 5/15 Primary: At a Glance

IMG_3112Oregon has its statewide primary election on Tuesday, May 15. Here are some election facts and a few key races, with the names of the Democratic candidates and links to their campaign websites.

Oregon has a closed primary. Voters must be registered by April 24th (21 days before the election.)

The State At A Glance
– No Senators are up for re-election in 2018
– All 5 House Representatives are up for re-election
– Oregon went +11 for Clinton in 2016
– Partisan breakdown of the state legislature:
Governor (D)
State Senate 17 (D) – 13 (R)
State House 35 (D) – 25 (R)

Key Races

The Oregon gubernatorial race is currently considered Likely Democrat. Gov. Kate Brown is the incumbent and is running for re-election. Whoever wins the governorship will be in charge of redistricting in 2020–note that the governor can veto maps drawn up by the legislature, and if that happens, Oregon’s secretary of state is given the power to draw new maps. The current secretary of state is Dennis Richardson, a Republican.

Gov. Kate Brown – campaign website
Candace Neville – campaign website

There are three Supreme Court justices whose terms are coming to an end and need to be voted on to go on to another term on the bench. One of the justices, Meagan Flynn in Position 3, is being challenged. The challenger, Van Pounds, has never served as a judge and has a reputation for being the “least credible person” where he currently works.

Meagan Flynn – campaign website

17 out of the 30 seats in the Senate are up for re-election this year. The Democrats only have a 3 seat majority in the Senate, so holding onto our current seats at the very least is a must. A list of the districts with re-elections and the candidates running for those seats can be found here.

All of seats in the House are up for re-election this year. The Republicans can take the House if they flip 6 seats; in 2016 there were 9 seats determined by less than 10 percentage points. A list of the candidates running for the House can be found here.

NOTE: If you’re unsure what state district number you’re in, type in your address at Open States to get that info.

For a more complete list of state races in the primary, visit Ballotpedia: Oregon Elections 2018

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